Spark innovation and create technology solutions for the benefit of the organization and its members.

Join the Order of the Arrow for the 2017 OA Hackathon. We are partnering with Intel Technologies to propel the OA into the 21st century. Arrowmen will work side-by-side with Intel engineers to revamp the LodgeMaster system, the OA app, and much more.

We are inviting all Arrowmen regardless of programming experience to #HackOA with us. This event will also provide Arrowmen with in-practice leadership development opportunities. Both tech-centric and non-programmers alike will walk out of this event with a more robust understanding of programming while improving connectivity and technology in the Order of the Arrow.


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This hackathon is open to members of the Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America.


Submissions for the OA Hackathon must abide by the following rules:

  • Submissions must be submitted through DevPost.
  • All submissions should have a written project plan outlining what you where trying to accomplish.
  • All submissions should have examples of the work you completed.
  • All submissions should include any source code, wireframes, drawings, etc to support your project. This can be links to repositories or actual files.
  • Video submissions are encouraged, but not required for judging.
  • All submissions are due by 5am on October 8th (Sunday morning).

How to enter

Registration for the OA hackathon is now closed. If you have already registered for the event, but haven't created your account in devpost yet, you can do that on this page. Click "Register for then Hackathon" in the sidebar.




Judging Criteria

  • Connections League
    The Connections League will focus on developing tools to help streamline internal communications. This team will hack out new effective ways for members to reach out to other Arrowmen all across the nation.
  • Games League
    The Games League will hack away new technology-based activities that Arrowmen can use to have some fun on the go.
  • Delivery League
    The Delivery League will explore new ways to deliver the OA’s program to Arrowmen. This will make it easier for delegates, staff, and guests to better understand in real time what is happening at events.